Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Walking Barranco

We had a lovely opportunity to explore another part of Lima called Barranco.  A friend of mine, Christian, with whom I used to work, put us in touch with his sister who lives here.  She is currently at home on maternity leave with a lovely 4 month old baby and she offered to take us for a stroll to see some examples of old colonial homes and the Bridge of Sighs, made famous by a Peruvian singer. 
Barranco had a very different feel to that of Miraflores. We saw many examples of colonial homes, some better maintained than others.   Very remarkable indeed was the bridge of sighs.  This straddles a walkway which is far below and which leads to the sea.  On either side there are restaurants and was a most interesting use of land and I can see the attraction of sitting in a cafe sipping a drink and looking out at the sea and people-watching for a few hours.
Our host, Alexandra took us to a very nice local restaurant on our way back and she introduced us to some new Peruvian foods.  We were very grateful for her advice.

The baby was truly sweet, although she did cry at every sight of me.  She was far more enamoured with Paul (as usual, children gravitate to him).  We walked for a good 4 hours and thanks to the motion of the buggy the baby, Alicia had a lovely nap.

Next adventure...of to the beaches to the south of Lima...

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