Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Years in Quito

Bringing in the new year in Quito was an experience indeed...the traditions were very different than what we are used to in Canada.  It is a major celebration continuing into the wee small hours of the night.  The fire works started at 8:00 at night and continued until 1 in the morning...unbelievable...we were in our room and watching the fireworks explode all around us...literally.
Also effigies are made and burned to mark the end of the new year...like celebrations in November in the UK I suppose.  In addition, the men dress as the widow of the new year...stop traffic and get a "donation" from drivers...all in good fun...
We were quite blown away by it all...
A man dressed asthe widow of the new year.
The rope was used to stop cars to seek "voluntary" donations from drivers before they were allowed to pass
Effigies of pop stars and political leaders are burned in the street at midnight 

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