Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Business Day in Urubamba

We decided to take it easy today. We found ourselves tired and the weather cold and rainy.  We spent time doing computer related activities and then made our way to Urubamba where we finally found a bank machine that cooperated with our MasterCard.  This was no small feat as it involved a ride in a mototaxi (basically a motor cycle with a cab on the back for passengers and a further space in the back for cargo) to a bank in the back of town. 
We also put our laundry in to be cleaned and then went in search of an internet cafe and a tailor to adjust my shorts. (My shorts are too big and I couldn't find anything in my size in Lima).  We found the tailor in a most interesting place...a concrete room with locals cooking and eating their lunch.
To our surprise we found a fantastic place for lunch overlooking a beautiful mountain vista.  It was in a hotel which has a ranch of sorts with lovely horses.  We arrived just as a show was ending with dancers and horses.  At the end of a wonderful lunch, Paul was able to coerce the waiter into giving him some carrots to feed the horses.  Overnight, the rain we had appeared on the high mountains as snow making the view more spectacular and special.
Tomorrow it is off to Agua Calientes and Machu Picchu.

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