Saturday, 21 January 2017

January 20 Sweetwaters

We left Rowanda late on the 19th and flew into Nairobi, Kenya.  We were met at the airport and stayed in Nairobi for the night.  The following morning we were taken by car to the ojl Pejeta Conservancy, a private not-for-profit research facility of some 110,000 acres.  It is populated by many wild, native animals who live free and unfwttered.  Thus, safari's are conducted throughout the area and wildlife sightings are usual.  It is located near Mount Kenya and is on the equator.

Our "room" is a tent on a concrete, tiled base with a full washroom and a thatched roof.  It has two single beds and it is a tent...but it is NOT camping that is for sure!   We are able to sit on our front veranda and watch wart hogs, gazelles, zebras and even rhinos meander by on their way to the watering hole which is  completely natural and faces the main lodge.  The day gets hot by 1100 and the nights cold (15°) but our tent keeps us very comfortable.  

We were out on two safaris on day one with our guide who knows a lot about the local flora and fauna and who found many of the animals we tourists come to see.  We also visited the equator and surpeised our guide with some of the experiments we had learned when at the equator in Equador.  He was surpeised that he could not keep his balance when on the equatorial line with his eyes closed, nor could he walk a straight line!

On our last safari we saw a spectacular sunset which rounded off our day very well.

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