Friday, 20 January 2017

Cultural Centre

We opted to visit a local cultural centre to learn about the people of the Kingi region.  It was great fun and very informative.
We learned that a young man, named Edwin Sabohuro had been instrumental in developing programs to counteract poaching.  One of these measures was to provide employment and thus take away financial reasons for poaching activities.  Thus, things like the cultural centre have been created.  

This centre replicates the lifestyle of the last King in the early 1900's.
We were the only people visiting the centre, and when we arrived we were greeted by drummers and warriors.  We were told that we were King and Queen for the length of our stay.  The centre consists of several buildings with thatched roofs, each of which is used to demonstrate an aspect of the local life...making baskets, blacksmithing, grinding flour etc.
The largest building is the king's home, as well as a meeting centre for the kings of other areas of Rwanda.  We were dressed in ceremonial garb and participated in the dancing and drumming.  It was energetic, good fun.

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