Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Hippos and dusty roads

We said goodbye to Lake Nakuru early in the morning...facing a five hour drive over hot and dusty roads.  Our guide, Elijah suggested that we break up the trip with a stop at a lake along the way where we could sight hippos. 

Where Lake Nakuru was a salty Lake,  our stop was at a fresh water lake where hippos reside.  We boarded a boat and we were taken out on a beautiful, and very large lake.  We saw many birds roosting in trees which had died due to an increase in water height.  It was very surreal looking.  We also saw hippos partially submerged in the water, asleep awaiting night when they become active.  Our captain explained that these huge, and apparently docile, animals are the most dangerous in Africa, claiming many lives every year.

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