Thursday, 8 November 2012

November 8

So...since my last post we have been exploring Portugal...we had a stupendous experience in Lisbon...we took the train to Sinatra...where we visited a castle at the top of a was an adventure in the truest sense as we had to take a bus....followed by a tram and then a walk through the rooms and apartments of an incredible old castle that inspires thoughts of mystic experiences...we took the train back into Lisbon and spent the evening wandering through Alfama.   We had a great meal in a small restaurant where the owners fortunately spoke French!!!

This has been followed by two days at sea and we ate now in Horton...where we have visited a volcano caldera and an area created through a volcanic fun fun....

Will be spending the next six days at sea and will be out of touch for that entire time....hope to survive the isolation :-)

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