Sunday, 4 November 2012

november 4

It has been quiet on board the ship.  We have been forced to slow down...which has its advantages indeed... but makes for a strange new rhythm to life...we are of course experiencing the food phenomenon which is common to cruise ships....not easy to resist!!! I can only imagine what the scales will say when we return.

We are currently in Cadiz Spain...which is our last stop before Portugal.  Last night we sailed past Gibraltar... at night and in the rain...made it hard to see...but not impossible...even with these conditions it looked fantastically exotic and I could imagine all sorts of weird and wonderful things in Casablanca, just to the south of us!!!

Cadiz is another quaint town guessed it...a cathedral...

We decided to go into town with Mom and due yo our combined mobility issues we took the hop on hop off bus.  We ended up in the botanical gatdens...lovely and a good distraction from religion!!!

We will be sailing again in a couple of hours and  are looking forward to Lisbon where we will be trying to take the train to Sintra to visit a castle of some repute...

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