Sunday, 25 January 2015

Let the new adventure begin

After a lovely Christmas and a very cold start to 2015, we are starting a new adventure - destination New Zealand.  It seems we have been preparing for months before departure day finally arrived.  Our first stop - Los Angeles where we arranged to meet up with Jennifer (a friend from my days at work), and a new friend, her husband Jeff.  The flight to LA was uneventful and after a relatively good night we met up with Jennifer and Jeff for Sunday brunch.
They whisked us off to a great meal at a restaurant on Hermosa Beach and then we took a walk along the beach front to Manhattan Beach.  The weather is fantastic, hot and sunny; such a contrast from the sub zero temperatures at home! 
Our next flight leaves at 9:30 tonight and our plan is to spend the rest of the day enjoying the beach so we will be good and tired for the next leg of the trip...12 hours overnight to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands where we will be spending a week soaking up the culture on a South Pacific Island.

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