Saturday, 29 December 2012

High in Quito

We have arrived in Quito is a huge city between mountains...surrounded by volcanoes.   It is very high in altitude...about 2800 metres so acclimatizing has been challenging for me while Paul has had only slight symptoms.  We decided for some unfathomable reason to take a cable car up another 1400 metres to take in the view...
After a stop at the statue of the Virgin Mary I had to take my spinning head back to the hotel for a rest...
Looking forward to a walk around the old Town tomorrow.
The city of Quito is huge, stretching down the length of a high valley
The Virgin Mary overlooks the city with a serpent she has conquered at her feet
The clouds were beautiful, some filling a mountain top to the right

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  1. Hi, guys. Happy New Year! Sounds like you are having fun. How is the foot holding up, Sue?